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Town and Country - Designers and Makers of Bespoke Garden Doors made in Hardwood

Following the popularity of our roof lanterns and utilising our experience in designing and manufacturing our bespoke timber framed glass buildings, Town and Country bring you our bespoke garden doors. Our doors match the same high level of quality and refinement that one would expect from the Town and Country portfolio; a twenty five year old company widely recognised across the industry as one of England’s most highly respected bespoke conservatory manufacturers.

Of course we can design and manufacture the widely recognised French door but over the years, we have also developed high performance folding sliding and sliding doors. Every project is different and so every design is bespoke. There are no standard designs or formulations for our doors. We look at each enquiry on its own basis and we can discuss possible design options with you.

For example, one could choose panel base doors which offer a more traditional feel or alternatively, one could opt for full height glazing for a more contemporary approach. We can also discuss the possibility of glazing bar patterns and these can change the overall aesthetic quite significantly. Of course, we’d be pleased to advise on the most appropriate design. Alternatively, you are welcome to send your architect’s plans to us and we can simply provide a quote on this basis. Like our lantern range, our bespoke doors are made in sapele, an excellent grade quality hardwood known for its exceptional rigidity and weatherproof capabilities. Further our glass is made up of high performance double glazed units. In addition, our doors come with all security fittings and premium grade ironmongery let-in.

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